An inspirational, highly engaging and a dynamic speaker! Gerard O’ Donovan from Noble Manhattan facilitated a session for our internal pool of coaches at Hertfordshire County Council on 16th November 2019 on ‘Building your Coaching Practice’. It was a pleasure hearing Gerard talk so passionately about coaching. His engaging interactive style had us literally connected throughout the session and set the tone for a successful staff development day, we greatly enjoyed it. An excellent facilitator and very focused, I highly recommend Gerard O’ Donovan as a coach/speaker/trainer/specialist. Thank you

I have worked one to one with Di over a prolonged period and have been impressed by her standards of professionalism and the benefits I have gained as a result. In particular, her understanding of how large organisations work and the challenges that this generates is invaluable.

"[Beatrice] Super intelligent and has focused her business on building up other businesses that can be struggling by holding them accountable and helping them think outside the box without judgement.

Not only Beatrice is one of the most recommended business coaches, she is one of the best when your company needs to grow. I would highly recommend Beatrice!

Beatrice Phillips is an Executive Coach with a huge heart for helping others achieve success. Her work as a Peer Advisory Group Leader and Facilitator is a rare talent that not many people have. You will grow through her business coaching expertise.

I met a few coaches in these years. Some were good some less good. Cherry is an excellent one. When you speak to Cherry you always have the feeling that she knows what she is talking about. She manages to be authoritative and firm while keeping a soft and reassuring tone of voice. She puts you in the best condition to understand the important message she has to deliver

Di and myself worked together on my self-development. Di identified my main areas of interest and was quite brilliant in sorting out my priorities. My life has moved on and spending time with Di made me much better equipped for life's ups and downs. I would strongly recommend Di to those seeking improvement in both their business and personal lives.

Recognising that self-esteem and confidence are the keys to assertiveness was really valuable to me. The coaching was excellent – really enabled discussion and reflection and I now have some excellent ideas for taking me forward, on which I can build further actions.

Beatrice is a brilliant and insightful business coach, and she relates well to her SMB clients and business owners. In my experience, she comes from a very giving consciousness, and she is a pleasure to work with!

We have been working with Beatrice for several years and have moved our business to three different locations, now being in a large retail space right on the river. Beatrice has helped us increase market share, and more than double our sales.

Beatrice is highly experienced and educated professional. She brings her executive experience to help the small Business Entrepreneur. Definitely a person you want in your circle.

Coaching in The Workplace Train the Trainer Programme


I participated ‘Intermediate Level of Coaching In The Workplace Train The Trainer Program’ on 2008 Feb to 2008 April led by Di McLanachan from Noble-Manhattan. Throughout this course I was able to gain a profound knowledge on Coaching, Coaching tools and techniques and how to deliver this training course as a trainer. The best thing of this training was that I was able to practise the know-how that I was delivered throughout the course with extremely realistic case studies and real-world scenarios that we were provided by our instructor Di McLanachan who was great help in hand with her constant invigilation and support. The assignments that I had after and in between sessions also gave me the opportunity to experience coaching practice in real world situations and led me to see and discuss back my areas of improvement on the subject. I personally see myself in a never-ending improvement phase as a coach, but I know that I surely have taken off with a right training and a right instructor which I owe them both to Noble-Manhattan.

I have joined several coaching programmes for many years, provided by various companies. Workplace Coaching Train the Trainer programme was one of the best training programmes that I had joined. Especially practical workshops and role plays helped me a lot to understand theoretical information. The design of the programme was very professional and helped me a lot to understand workplace coaching. Pre-learning, training modules and post learning was a great blend to help learning transfer. Thank you for the great programme.

I have attended Coaching in Workplace training in Istanbul given by Noble Manhattan and organized by Ufuk Koç company which took place in 2008. Sessions took place both practical experiences and learning materials. My Coaching training has shown fundamental changes in my personal and Professional life. In my Professional life as Assistant General Manager of Avis & Budget, I learned, listening, asking right questions, empathy, understanding my co-workers and my employees. These sessions also showed my wrong doings and taught me how to prevent them from happening again. After the training Noble Manhattan also provided me a great after support with extensive online workshops, handouts, and coaching materials. The Most important aspect, my coaching training helped me to see that, same human resources yield better and better with my change of perception. This has proven with concrete examples in my Professional life. One example showed that, our customer satisfaction numbers have been exponentially increased (both internal and external customers) after my coaching sessions were provided to my managers and my entire staff. This concludes that I recommend to anyone to take this coaching training with Noble Manhattan since I have a better working environment and a better understanding of my Professional & personal life.

The content of the training programme and the personal attention we received from the trainer was exceptional. The trainer's knowledge of the concepts and her guidance on the coaching models and key concepts helped us not only in understanding the essence of coaching but also how we could help others in our companies to endorse such an initiative. The activities, role plays, and the exercises designed in the programme made sure we got the best experience in a safe environment before going back to our working environment to practice what we have learned. Regardless of whether you will be only coaching others or becoming a trainer to deliver the programme, I would highly recommend this training that will support you in your initiatives to make the changes you desire in your workplace.

To whom it may concern. I have received a Coaching in Workplace training in Istanbul given by Noble Manhattan and organized by Ufuk Koç company. The training took place at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 in two stages. This was a 6-day course delivered in two phases, allowing practical experience to digest the material. The training has built up the subject very thoroughly covering a lot of material such as how our mind works, dealing with and appreciating different personal profiles, various coaching approaches and a lot of well-structured exercises which allowed putting in practice all the material covered. I mostly appreciated the richness of material covered and the standard of training. I benefited a lot from this training as I was able to use what I learned in both in the workplace (in Arkas Holding where I was a President of a five company Business unit) as well as a consultant where I used what I learned in such companies as Roche (Turkey), TEVA (Turkey) and DHL (Belgium). Noble Manhattan also provides a very good after training support with on-line help, cyber-workshops and possibility to find volunteer coachees or coaches. I had the chance to practice with a coach from Ireland with regular telephone coaching sessions shortly after the training. All in all, I can recommend the course without any hesitation.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend the “Workplace Coaching Train The Trainer” programme. It was an amazing course, which was spiced up with a lot of practical exercises. All the techniques taught were down to earth, easy to apply and highly effective. Learning to raise powerful questions, in accordance with different situations that a coachee might face, was a unique, challenging, incredible and professional nurturing experience. It was shocking for me to find out how easy it is to lead people through troublesome circumstances. All you need is to try out the techniques that come with the course. You will be surprised with the outcomes. A must have programme for anyone who truly wants to become a great leader. Thanks to Noble Manhattan…