Noble Coaches are part of the worldwide Noble Manhattan Group that established in 1993 trading in 31 countries in multiple languages. Noble Coaches take pride in being able to offer top quality services to corporations including but not limited to the ones listed in this website.

Executive Coaching

Noble Coaches provide the finest Senior and Master Coaches to deliver one-to-one Executive Coaching to senior managers and business leaders and any person in a managerial position.

This programme helps managers and directors to transform into leaders by overcoming their limitations, raising their game and leading their teams and organisations to the next level of achievement. It also helps them to reveal and use their fullest potential, explore their empathy and be aware of their intuition so they can lead their people in harmony.

This programme consists in sessions of 1 hour each, it could take place online or in person in your office. If the latter option is chosen, the cost due to traveling time and expenses will be added to the cost of the session.

The programme is a package of 8 sessions: an introduction session, 6 coaching sessions and a final summary/ close-out session that take place over 6 months. This is the most optimal way our clients reached outstanding results. However, depending on individuals, the number of sessions may be increased.

This programme could be purchased by individuals who want to make a difference. However, your company may also pay these for you or buy several programmes for their senior managers and executive personnel.

More information is available on demand. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Team Coaching

This programme allows a manager and his/her team to complete a group coaching programme together in order to raise the awareness of each member as part of a cohesive and effective team.

This programme helps the team and their manager to have common vision and goals so that everyone steers in the same direction. It also improves each other understanding which promotes empathy and a better communication, enhances a sense of belonging, introduces meaning in their daily performance and leads to a stronger bond within the team members.

At the end of the programme, all members of the team will be able to identify their emotions, channel their energy in a better, productive and efficient way and will work together as one. They will experience a paradigm shift that will allow them to explore other perspectives and enjoy a much fulfilling way to work together. The benefits to the organisation will be noticeable as individual’s and team’s performance increases. The organisation will record an exponential growth.

Team coaching will take place as a group of 10 people maximum who will complete 8 sessions of 2 hours. This bespoke programme includes an introduction session, 6 coaching sessions and a final summary/ close-out session. The whole programme will be completed in 6 months.

More information is available on demand. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Leadership Development Programme

Leadership is the key to any successful enterprise. Managers get promoted for their experience and the excellent achievement in their area of expertise where leadership has not been taught neither through experience nor via courses. These managers end up overwhelmed with the nitty gritty of their teams’ work instead of leading their team to develop and perform at their best. This programme is an excellent programme that is designed to transform managers and directors into leaders. Leadership is a valuable skill that can be learned at any level of your career. It is not used only in the workplace. It is a multifaceted skill.

This programme is the combination of a few top programmes that will allow people in executive positions to become leaders.

The programme includes:

  • 1:1 executive coaching (8 sessions of 1 hour over 6 months including an introduction session, 6 coaching sessions and a final summary/ close-out session)
  • Training (videos and textbooks will be provided to deepen leadership knowledge and techniques)
  • A 2-day workshop for the group to deepen their leadership practice.

This programme could be tailored for a given organisation if they have sufficient number of executive members to join or could be created for people coming from different backgrounds and companies. The latter provides an opportunity to learn from a diverse audience and has proven to be very enriching.

More information is available on demand. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Team and Personal Development Workshops

The purpose of these workshops is to help your staff to raise their awareness, work harmoniously, learn how to manage their own teams and communicate more efficiently within and outside their organisation.

These workshops are created for a large audience from your company and could include directors, managers and staff.

These workshops are company-specific, tailored to your organisation’s need. Based on your requirement, these workshops could be organised from half-day workshop to 2, 3-day workshops or more. This will be discussed with the coaches delivering this programme, so you get the right service and achieve the desired objective.

The workshops will be delivered ideally face to face in a venue booked by Noble Coaches or by your organisation. They also could take place in your premises.

Based on the current circumstances of the Covid pandemic situation, it is also possible for us to deliver the workshops online. The arrangement will be agreed with you beforehand.

More information is available on demand. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Certificate in Workplace Coaching

This is a programme to allow companies’ internal managers to train as a coach. This includes Team Leaders running a team of 2 or 3, Branch Managers, Regional Managers, Divisional Heads, or large multinational corporations. The programme includes up to 25 people. It’s suitable for any manager at any level within an organisation.

It could be an on-site event or an off-site classroom and distance learning training that equips managers to become very effective, certified, in-house corporate coaches, learning through theory and practical application about how to bring out the best in their staff.

The content can be tailored to include any organisational initiatives or themes as required.


1- To understand the definitions and role of coaching in organisations,

2- To learn some coaching tools and models,

3- To practise coaching techniques,

4- To develop great coaching skills,

5- To create a coaching style management in the organisation,

6- To increase the company’s productivity

More information is available on demand. Please contact us for further information and pricing.


This is ideal for heads of department, managers at all levels, HR managers etc. who work with one or more team member, or are working towards their coaching qualification. Coaching Masterclass with Supervision is a safe group learning environment, that gathers like-minded people and allows them to develop executive master coaching and/ or team master coaching skills at an individual pace.

They are guided by a master coach with several years of experience who provides them with professional, effective and helpful feedback. The masterclasses’ benefits are split in three main areas:

  1. Increased understanding and competencies in individual one-to-one personal coaching
  2. Core competencies in comprehensive executive coaching, based upon professionalism, creativity and coaching satisfaction
  3. A deeper understanding of what is needed to enhance sales and marketing, create products, access the most innovative success strategies, develop a keener “business sense”, immerse in today’s networking systems and collaborate with colleagues in an effort to write, get published etc.

The masterclass is delivered over 8 hours either in 1 day or over 2x half days. They can be purchased by a minimum of 3 classes that can be attended when suitable to the individual.

More information is available on demand. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

International Coaching Qualifications

Noble Coaches is part of Noble Manhattan, a renowned Coaching Training Company that has trained thousands of successful life and executive coaches over nearly 30 years.

Coaching services provided by Noble Coaches to medium/ large multinational organisations have been so effective and satisfactory, that companies have invested in their managers to create internal coaches to answer the high demand generated internally. These executive coach-managers became a high asset to their company as they implemented a top-down coaching style management and have been offering a daily support to their teams and organisation.

The benefits are noticeable and measurable as the staff gets empowered, take responsibility and ownership.

This programme is suitable to any manager at any level, be it in the HR department or any other department. It relies on e-learning platforms in collaboration with Noble Manhattan, webinars, and coaching practice in the workplace and with a mentor included in the programme as well as masterclasses for applied coaching practice.

More information is available on demand. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Support for HR Division

At Noble Coaches, when we help companies create their own coaches, we continue our support beyond the courses and programmes we offer. We know how a workshop, a webinar or a masterclass uplift the participants and bring a massive positive vibe and motivation. We don’t want it to stop there.

We created the support for HR Divisions to maintain the inspiration and the elevated emotions that will drive their work within their organisation.

This support consists in having access to:

  • a training tailored to HR managers delivered through online classrooms,
  • monthly webinars where they get to learn more and have the opportunity to ask questions about any difficult situation they may be facing at the time,
  • a dedicated person at Noble Coaches who will support them on demand.

More information is available on demand. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Internal Academy of Coaching Excellence

Many companies have understood the power of executive coaching and the measurable and intangible benefits that come from it. Noble Coaches designed this programme to provide training to groups of internal coaches employed by companies that want to create their internal coaching force and promote a coaching style management.

These coaches will receive a recognised qualification and will be part of a system, i.e. Noble Coaches, that will provide them an ongoing support in terms of standards, quality, supervision and ongoing training.

Noble Coaches will accompany, nurture and support these companies and their internal coaches for a lifetime.

More information is available on demand. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

If you would like more information simply email to arrange an informal coffee on zoom.