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Manager As A Coach

Developing Leadership Through Coaching

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This program is designed to enhance your coaching skills and help you become a more effective leader.

Throughout the program, you will learn various coaching techniques and strategies that will enable you to support and develop your team members, ultimately driving better performance and achieving organizational goals. 

This program is suitable for managers, team leaders, and professionals looking to enhance their  coaching skills  and  leadership effectiveness.

It consists of:

6 x 4 hour face-to-face training sessions
10-hours of webinar lectures
9 training modules
3 one- to-one mentoring sessions
25 hours of logged coaching

Benefits of the Manager / Leader to coach program

Improved Leadership Skills

Develop your coaching abilities to guide and motivate your team members towards success

Better Performance Management

Implement a structured framework for goal- setting and progress tracking to improve performance and accountability

Enhanced Communication Skills

Learn active listening and powerful questioning techniques to foster open and honest dialogue with your team

Increased Employee Engagement

Create a supportive environment that encourages employee growth, leading to higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction

Building Stronger Relationships

Establish deeper connections with your team members through effective coaching techniques

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