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If you feel you have an advanced level of expertise in coaching and would like to join our global team, you are welcome to apply below.

We have a reputation of providing a quality service of excellent Coaches to organisations, it is imperative therefore that we get to know you

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At Noble Coaches, we’re going through a very exciting phase. We’re building a strong team to lead us to our common vision. We’re looking for ambitious and resourceful people to join us and be part of this inspiring enterprise. This Ad might be for you but if it isn’t, it might be for someone you know. Please share it widely. Thank you.

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Information for potential new Associate Coaches, Coaching Supervisors & Trainers Background

Our  company motto is “fortune favours the prepared mind” and all of our courses, presentations and products are aimed at providing you with the mindset you need to make the most of the life ahead of you. We firmly believe everyone has the ability to be, do and have anything they desire.

Therefore, we have in place a rigorous process to select the very best coaches to join our team.

This includes:

An Application Form

A Telephone Interview

A virtual Face to Face Interview & Assessment process

Client References

Our aim is to assist people in identifying their hidden resources and releasing these to their full potential in order that the person may achieve everything that they desire in life – physically, emotionally, financially and professionally. To enable them to recognise the path they want to take and the aims they wish to fulfil, then equip them with the knowledge, skills and means by which they will accomplish these aims.

Who are we looking for?

As we are growing globally, we need to increase the Coaches within our team who can deliver Coaching, and for those who want to, also deliver Supervision and/or Training. We currently trade in 27 countries and welcome applications from Coaches both internationally and in the following regions:

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UK: ALL areas

Internationally: Poland, Romania, Hungary,  Russia,    

Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, France, Spain

USA & Asia










UK: ALL areas

Internationally: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Russia,    

Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, France, Spain

 USA and Asia




UK: ALL areas

Internationally: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Russia,    

Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, France, Spain

USA and Asia

Certified Senior /
Master Coach

Accreditation with one of the international organisations: ICF/IAPCM

Proven track record on working with organisations

At least one letter of recommendation / Client testimonial

How will we make our selection

We have a comprehensive list of criteria we will be evaluating against, however when we review your application, we will be looking  for a certain level of experience. Please review the relevant sections below that you are interested in and check that you at least meet the minimum criteria before submitting an application.

Thank you & Good Luck

A. Minimum Criteria for Our Business or Executive Coaches

You have run a successful full-time Coaching practice (as your main source of income) for 5 years or more
You are a fully Accredited Coach with additional relevant qualifications
You have outstanding track records of delivering results for your Clients (and can evidence this)
SME Business Coaches must also be able to evidence business growth successes for their clients
Genuine passion and enthusiasm for Coaching
Experience in Business and/or Corporates

B. Minimum Criteria for Our Coaching Supervisors

You are a formally qualified Coaching Supervisor
You have a track record of supervising Coaches and have been supervising for at least 2 years

C. Minimum Criteria for Our Coaching Skills Trainers

Delivered training courses to middle management and above
Skilled at encouraging collaborative working within groups to achieve an outcome within the workshop
Experience of facilitating or training senior management groups