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If you are looking to increase your organisation’s performance, empower your team, create a sense of responsibility and purpose and build an environment that retains your people whilst thriving towards the same vision, Noble Coaches is your solution. We help organisations all over the world to implement a coaching culture, to empower their staff, increase their performance and much more.

Our accredited coaches are experienced and very talented at helping you take your organisation’s vision forward and build an amazing team and a coaching culture to reach excellence. Coaching is a very powerful method that allows you to achieve what you haven’t been able to conceive yet. You will sharpen your organisation’s vision and will help your people to be at their best. Your leaders will gain empathy and perspective, two major leadership qualities that are crucial to any organisation that wants to be versatile and resilient from the top down. Noble Coaches offers several programmes that are tailored to your needs. This collaborative work represents the bridge between where you are and where you want to be. It is an inevitable step for any organisation that thrives on transformation and innovation.

What is Executive Coaching?

“Coaching is about performing at your best through the individual and private assistance of someone who will challenge, stimulate and guide you to keep growing” Gerard O’Donovan – Founder of Noble Manhattan and Noble Coaches.

Everyone has the potential to be their best version. Executive coaching is a very powerful and effective method to help those in executive or managerial positions to acquire awareness, empathy, and leadership whilst working on thought-provoking questions that will undeniably uncover their personal and professional potential. Executive coaching plays a tremendous role in the personal and professional life of executive directors.

These one-to-one sessions could be:

  • initiated by individuals who want to improve their life skills and are ready to invest in themselves to become the efficient, skilful and influential leaders they can be,
  • instigated by companies who want to invest in their executive and managerial personnel to increase their productivity, efficiency and impact on the business,
  • paid by the individual directly or by the company employing this individual as agreed by all parties beforehand.

Who is Executive Coaching for?

Executive coaching is for anyone who would like to make changes in their behaviour to impact their teams, clients, organisation, and wider environment. You may be the CEO of a company, an executive director or a manager who manages projects, teams or clients, coaching will empower you and allow you to empower people around you. Coaching helps you to find answers that you have never thought you had within.

The executive one-to-one sessions are tailored to your needs. At Noble Coaches we take the time to know more about you and what you are looking to achieve so we can, together, create a bespoke plan that will help you reach an outcome beyond your expectation and imagination.

Executive coaching doesn’t only help you to perform at your best and impact your environment, it helps you to become resilient and versatile in the face of adversity and fast-changing environment we live in nowadays.

For a guaranteed success, our clients who wanted the changes, invested the time and the efforts in taking action which helped them to reach their goals even in the most challenging times.

Whether you are unsure that executive coaching is for you or would like to talk about your plan and see whether Noble Coaches is your solution, please book a call with us to explore the options further.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching raises a tremendous personal awareness which makes the changes sustainable on the long term and helps you develop more skills, transform into a leader and make a bigger impact in your personal and professional life whether you are at the top of your carrier or just starting. It helps bring the limiting believes barriers down, as they most likely caused blockages in your life creating a ceiling that couldn’t be passed through. Coaching helps reaching breakthrough ideas and concepts as a response to the coach’s thought-provoking questions. It transforms directors and managers into leaders and help individuals build resilience in the fast-changing world we live in.

The benefits of coaching are endless and can impact you positively on a personal, professional, and spiritual levels. It is a life-changing process that amplifies your current qualities, uncovers your hidden potential and promotes the learning and development of new skills.

How does Executive Coaching work?

Our coaches are flexible. They can run one-to-one sessions online or in person in your offices. It is always more time and cost effective to perform executive coaching via video conference in the comfort of your office or home. But ultimately, it will be down to you to decide what works best for you.

For further details, please check our Executive Coaching page.

You are also highly encouraged to contact us directly by booking a free call with no further commitment. We look forward to speaking to you


What is Corporate Coaching?

Corporate coaching is typically done at an organisational level where some programmes are designed for people in managerial positions to help them lead their teams to greatness and some other programmes are devised for the companywide benefit where entire teams could benefit from, to create a cohesive and synchronised mindset with a robust company culture. These programmes could potentially include team training/ building, leadership course, and company or department vision/ goal setting that includes coaching management style.

Studies showed that coaching has a significant return on investment in addition to intangible benefits to the business. Corporate coaching leads to happy, motivated, and driven people working in a very healthy environment, dedicating their skills and efforts to the benefit of their company, believing in and driven by their company’s mission. Corporate coaching promotes a coaching culture across the board which empowers employees at all levels and impacts the company’s mission significantly. The change will show up in the way your organisation acquires new businesses and nurtures the relationship with the current clients.

Who is Corporate Coaching for?

Corporate coaching is for any company, organisation, institution of any size that has the ambition and the courage to disturb the status-quo, transform inside out, create a solid and reliable company culture and reinvent themselves to become the leaders in their industry by educating and empowering their stuff to express their creativity and their full potential.

The programmes we devise for our clients are tailored to their needs whether it is on a one-to-one basis or in corporate coaching scenarios targeting a broader change in the organisation. At Noble Coaches we take the time to know more about your current situation, your challenges and your aspirations so we can, together, create bespoke programmes that will help your people to join you on your vision and work together as one.

In addition to coaching your people to develop, grow skillful and efficient, corporate coaching is an excellent response to the continuous organisational changes required by small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), national, multinational, private or public organisations/ companies/ corporations, institutions, universities etc.

Please book a free of charge call with us to discuss your needs and the solutions that could transform your business.

Benefits of Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching has the power to raise the collective awareness which makes the changes meaningful and sustainable on the long term even in complex organisations. It helps staff to develop more skills and find meaning in their work whilst improving their performance and efficiency. Coaching is to businesses what the sun is to the seeds, without it, companies succeed but do not thrive, reach a goal but don’t maintain it, grow to a certain extent before downsizing.

At an organisational/ group level, coaching leads to healthy organisations inside out, where people thrive on learning, developing, and reaching ambitious goals that impact the organisation’s results and revenue.

Coaching helps with increasing the staff motivation, performance and commitment. As an organisation, coaching leads you to achieve record staff retention as you build cohesive and effective teams led by leaders who promote empowerment and growth in a safe, caring and coaching environment.


How does Corporate Coaching work?

Our coaches are flexible. They can run group sessions/ workshops/ programmes online or in person in your offices or in an external venue anywhere in the world. These aspects are always discussed beforehand and the most adequate and convenient solution will be agreed according to your needs.

To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us via this website, either by booking an appointment to discuss your needs further with no commitment using our Calendly system or by sending a request for information using our contact form. A complete presentation will be provided to you online, any questions you may have will be answered and a discussion about your needs will take place.

Once your needs are identified, a suitable programme agreed, which could be achieved over a few meetings, and when you are ready to explore our services further, we will provide you a cost proposal that will include all the information you need to make an informed decision, including the programme details, the costs and the payment schedule.

Upon costs approval or just before, your coach will be introduced to you for further arrangements before initiating the programme.

Do you need to ...

Empower your staff
Increase the performance
Implement a coaching culture
Increase motivation and commitment
Encourage greater self-awareness
Improve ability to deal with change
Increase confidence and self-reliance
Improve ability to work independently
Manage conflict
Increase a sense of responsibility, e.g. for own development
Develop leadership excellence
Build cohesive, effective teams
Accelerate the learning from operational activities
Improve communication within teams
Improve communication between Departments
Develop delegation and development opportunities
Manage stress
Manage potential burnout or derailment
Improve time management and productivity
Build an influencing strategy
Set and achieve goals at individual, team and organisational levels
Motivate staff
Generate quality improvement initiatives
Improve performance Management

Why work with us

We care about your success and we take pride at seeing you achieve your goals through the work we do together. We succeed when you succeed

We have a proven track record on positively impacting companies through Coaching
We are a long standing organisation, operating globally (31 Countries)
We provide certainty and reliability, by providing highly experienced, competent, certified Coaches
We provide supervision & support structures to track the performance of the project
We provide a global network of coaches
We offer Coaching in different languages